QFL 2024: Hybrid Futures - in-person workshop

Hybrid Futures: Script Writing/ Storytelling Workshop

Queered Futures Lab invites you to participate in our experimental workshop: 'Storytelling and Script-writing for Theatre'

We are looking for collaborators and curious folks to join us on an experimental journey to create a trans-local theatre play project which engages more deeply in social justice, queerness, communities, technology and the environment through a scifi/futuring. This hybrid physical/virtual theatre play will be created between Amsterdam, Berlin and the Internet.

themes we are interested in exploring
Placeness (Tensions between Digital and Physical)

This event is the first in a series of workshops taking place throughout 2024. The goal of this series is to co-create a participatory sci-fi theatre piece with members of the local queer community in Wedding and beyond.  

The workshop will be 4.5 hours long, with hearty snacks provided and attended by ideally 7-15 people. It will be facilitated by Miche O'higgins and Dani Williamson, as well as local Wedding playwright, Jara Nasar. We will work mainly with text, weaving together personal stories and memories with radical imaginations for imaginative and more inclusive futures.
19 April, 2024
Hopscotch Reading Room, Berlin