Entry 001

Queer Futures

Queer Futures Writing Room was brought together by Dani Williamson and myself in March 2022. With a growing online community, we’ve since been exploring backwards facing futurism experimenting with expanded writing methodologies in relation to queerness, time and entanglement. Through conversation and play, we have developed practices that negotiate an expanded notion of authorship and seek out territory between states. As our delocalised community gathers in our virtual writing room, we see the internet as an anarchic liminal space that permits us to traverse permeable borders, boundaries and binaries in ways we are not usually able to in non-virtual space.  

Now looking towards the year ahead, we’re excited to launch Queer Futures Lab, a new iteration of the writing room, which feels much closer to what we’ve scratching at all year, ready to be launched in later this month. Our monthly sessions will follow ︎the water cycle︎, each quarter being a new phase in this atemporal geological system. Each month will explore a new juxtaposition in relation to that phase through a collective writing exercise following by discussion.

01 January, 2023

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Miche + Dani