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Hot Science Queers in a Lab 2023  

Queer futures had a little makeover over the holidays and we’re excited to uncloak this virtual vessel that can take us between all the past and future happenings of our community. Our website will be one constellation of a growing mesh that we are weaving globally through offline and online spaces as we continue to gather around Queer Futures.

We have been nurturing this space for nearly a year now, sewing little fantastantical otherworldly seeds that are beginning to unfurl and grow in every direction as our underwater, lunar, extraterrestrial, subterranean, molten, crystallised, swampy worlds bounce between us. So naturally we needed to build ourselves a mobile home, a roving capsule that can be the sticky strands between all these distributed times and spaces.

And with that we are ready to launch Queer Futures Writing Lab. We added the lab, firstly because it makes us feel like hot science queers in a biotech lab about to crack an atom that’s going to send us into a parallel universe where we live out the rest of our non-linear days as polyamorous cottagecore stag beetles. And also because it encapsulates a lot of what we’re about at Queer Futures. Process, experimentation and messy assemblages of juxtaposing worlds. We are mixing mud potions together, building fairy houses in the hollows of virtual trees, because the floor is definitely lava and so we temporarily cohabit faraway worlds that are closer to home than ever. 

This next year will be organised around the water cycle, each 3 months being a new stage in this slippery affair. Join us as we rearrange our collective molecules through all the solid, liquid and gaseous states. Or, let’s get gassy together, as written in cursive font on the door mat as you enter the Queer Futures HQ. Each stage in the cycle will invite new modes of writing and being together and we hope it can be a prompt to imagine new ways of self-organising and co-creating.

16 January, 2023

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