Entry 008

Doorway Drizzles and Recorded Writings

This text was written during the ‘Here/There’ Writing Lab session and incorporates elements from other group members’ narratives.

I succeded to remain in the very middle of the doorframe - in that moment where the waterfall, the moving stream of time washed over me. I was completely submerged in this space of time droplets, able to view the reflections of other passageways simultaneously.

There was the imagined hallway that I created in the basement of my childhood home - it took me to the basement doorways of all of my friends. 

I stepped through a heavier door, laden with coral - I try to move through it, and in doing so, stumble into a cave. I’m somehow able to walk, no longer confined to the laws of liquid gravity. In the darkened distance I saw a slit of horizontal light on the floor. I reached out my hands and pulled. 

Leaving the toilet of the train car a bit bewildered, I began walking in the direction of the train’s movement, looking for signs of my destination. But it didn’t matter so much. Reaching Budapest meant the end of the journey and so long as I was in this vessel, I was suspended in non-space, neither here nor there and both at the same time. 

The sun shone brightly through the windows as we passed Vienna, over the Danube and getting closer to Bratislava. A beam of light flashed across my hand and the warmth began to pull me closer to the staircase, inside of the glass cooridor. A line of ants casually crossed above my big toe and I turned to climb the stairs up towards the roof. The olive tree that peeked through the center of the house whispered to me in the setting sun and we spoke of all those distant lands. 

14 March, 2023

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