Entry 009

[sketch by Miche]

Inner Sensing: Motion/Stillness Roundup

This text was written during the ‘Motion/Stillness’ Writing Lab session
by k0:

Every 28 days, I lay an egg, as big as a baby’s head, its outside tough but soft, like a snake’s. Sometimes it comes a little later, and I walk around with an odd quality to my center of mass, a numb weight, until it finally decides to emerge. I’ve noticed that it always waits for me to relax. After 29 or 30 or 31 days, I start to get a bit frusterated. What are you waiting for? I think. I am so quick to mistrust its judgement. Don’t you see I’m already relaxed! Get out of me. But then something happens, a moment of lightness and buoyancy and that reminds me: no, THIS is relaxed, and I feel myself exhale, really exhale, as if for the first time in weeks, and I imagine my egg saying, see? I was right. And then, at last, it passes. Every 28 days, I lay an egg, and it’s delicious. 

14 March, 2023

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