Entry 010

From Chaos, Comes Nonsense

Collective texts from Chaos/Order session on 28.05.2023:

border  -  overwhelmed ness.

It is surrounding, physical,in a way… Me feel some border senses hovering around. It is not directly,,,,,,,,,,,

but it is touching me….. indeed. A filter is sort of enacted over, things pass through and my sight become recognized. Thought processes continues to flow and analyze. The major difference:       

I am where?.

my consciousnessRemoved. --    normal perch is floating. Maybe it's the increased border accrued by my overwhelmed-ness.





The shook particularly leaves gently in the on that dusty and




Distributed The quality of the light. was in more even way, as it was diffused . through hue of sat on a picnic thick air the blanket inspecting a thimble-shell-sized-acorn which was, fitted perfectly to her fingertip. The come light gentle it and allowing it to in and out of illuminating focus in the of trees S.he backdrop her focus from foreground shifted    background to , gently attention the acorn shell and the trees beyond. Shifting אלמה between

A red desert dry and hot. The rocks, are, a burnt orange, with outcrops pushing out from the u n e v e n surface, big rocky. But it moved. Perched on a {rock} in the distance, the ^^^^^^,outline of a figure. It was hard  to discern information beyond this,

though even this was an ambiguous. status: But it moved.

It could just as easily have been another >>>rock<<<<.


But it moved,_____ +in unp_redictable stutters, = suggesting life. Amongst the


of the scene, even the slightest t’’’’’’’’’’wi’tc’’’hes of this body seemed to e            cho across the vastness of the desert. The figure. Rises. from sitting, standing on top of the rock seeming to inspect the landscape around them.

Twin sized face. It was a curious sight to behold. Everything was multiplied except nothing about it felt unfamiliar. As if the human anatomy had always lacked this kind of symmetry. Bigotry had long become. Something about this assemblage of physiology meant humans began to favour difference, rather than similarity. These were the new foundations upon which community was based. It meant that community became an iterative and generative concept, one that was not static or fixed, but dynamic. It stretched like putty. It was as if for all those centuries humans had been stuck on breakfast, but now it was lunchtime. From the cradle of death we had finally evolved. An embracing of death meant that timelines moved backwards rather than forwards. As soon as humans learnt how to do this, a new branch of human emerged; the watchetifuters. The word was derived from the latin ‘watch’ because of the way that the population had evolved to encompass a radical capacity of tentativeness. Tending to. Witnessing. We became watchers, helped by our twin faced anatomy, lending us the capacity for increased weitblick. This described the action of constructing a sense of longterm perception from the immediacy of vision.

"I have much to say in judgment of you. But he who sent me is trustworthy, and what I have heard from him I tell the world."

“But Lord, listen from what I have come, and you shall see your judgments of me unchanged. Broken and tired I was of the bright life I was born into. It was time for a change of heart, a change of position. The plastic smiling relations of those who know not how to show their love. Only lies and self pandering slander is what comes out of their spiracle. A battlefield of vantablack had surrounded my being, caging any light and joy in my soul!

Pluck my heart from the depth of hell, Oh Lord, for what I committed to exchange myself of this fate is too harsh to speak to thee.”
28 May, 2023

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