QFWL23_06a; Drag at the End of the World

Drag at the End of the World: Songwriting for the Apocalypse: The Workshop

A day-long popup workshop of character development and songwriting for your drag persona with Randy Miller and Invertebrat.

Through a series of exercises in storytelling, improvisation, and music basics, we attempt to collectively write and perform an album from the perspective of our drag persona in a single day. No prior experience needed.

The day will start off with a presentation of everyone’s existing personas - so we encourage everyone to bring costumes! We then move into some exercises for further character development that specifically place your character in a cataclysmic event (either before, during, or after the apocalypse). From this situated perspective, we will expand into the bulk of the workshop: songwriting for our drag personas AS our drag personas.

The day will finish with an open stage / drag show for both existing and fresh off the press musical numbers.

Come as your sloppiest, campiest, queerest selves and join us on this very experimental journey to lyrical armageddon.
06 June, 2023