QFWL23_08; Individual/Collective


We have journeyed far through the hydrocycle this year but at last we return to our essential aqueous state, condensing from gas into the stickiness of water. In celebration of the precipitation we open with a short interactive, virtual performance: fluid encounters of a molecular homecoming.  

The writing segment will activate the Queer Future themes (queerness, futurism, entanglement, liminality and anarchic digitality) guiding wateryworlds to emerge when we introduce them to liquidity. 

We close with a sticky reading session, borrowing the cohesive properties of water to inform improvised methodologies of collective reading. We become droplets of water edging towards cohesion, pulling each other in, forming micro-communities that are in constant reconfiguration as we submit to gravity. What hydroponic tension causes multiple drops to become one; when does an individual become a part of a collective? Through our writings and performative readings, we hope to explore these questions further.

see full exercise here  
24 September, 2023