QFWL23_09b; Natural/Artificial




 We are excited to have @xn_ze_ro leading this month's Queer Futures Writing Lab session: natural/artificial.

But all this time, h20 hasn’t been the only thing gathering in our gaseous, airborne hubs. We are the formation of many toxins released from human activity. As we turn to rain, the sytheticness of our bodies is examined, asking where the limits of our naturalness lies.

Kit is is an artist and researcher with interests in both the human body and its structures and processes; and complex sociotechnical systems. The cyborg - be it the outcome of designed or incidental/accidental transformation - is the resonance of these interests. In this session, we will use collective storytelling to explore and take on (un)familiar perspectives that mix the natural and artificial.
29 October, 2023