Melting Ice Cubes and the Present Future
Entry 012

The water sat on the table, the spilled remnants of a tipped, plastic glass.

Char looked on to the countertop, seeing their reflection in the water.

“The future and past are both present on this bar.”

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Text to Tape: Chaos
Entry 011

short audio-visual piece from the texts created during May’s “Chaos/Order” session.

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From Chaos Comes Nonsense
Entry 010

but it is touching me….. indeed. A filter is sort of enacted over, things pass through and my sight become recognized. Thought processes continues to flow and analyze. The major difference:       

I am where?.

my consciousnessRemoved. --    normal perch is floating. Maybe it's the increased border accrued by my overwhelmed-ness.

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Inner Sensing: Motion/Stillness Roundup
Entry 009

text by k0:
Every 28 days, I lay an egg, as big as a baby’s head, its outside tough but soft, like a snake’s. Sometimes it comes a little later, and I walk around with an odd quality to my center of mass, a numb weight, until it finally decides to emerge...

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Doorway Drizzles and Recorded Writings

Entry 008

I succeded to remain in the very middle of the doorframe - in that moment where the waterfall, the moving stream of time washed over me. I was completely submerged in this space of time droplets, able to view the reflections of other passageways simultaneously...

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Portals: Here/There Roundup

Entry 007

Last month The Door Frame Appreciation Society visited our deep sea lab to introduce their love of portals and left us with an invitation to expand the collective space of the doorframe...

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Future/Past Roundup

Entry 006

On the surface of the dusk-lit water, a dark opalescent dome begins to crown just above the waterline. Slowly it emerges, organic in shape with a slick mirrored surface that reflects the ripples that are pushed aside by its emergence..

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Water Cycle

Entry 005

Our 2023 will be structured through the stages of the water cycle. We wanted each of the monthly sessions to flow into each other and lead us on a journey through different energies, styles and paces of writing. The four stages we will pass through are...

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2023 Determinations

Entry 004

Not much writing actually happened in the sessions.

Most sessions naturally tended much more towards conversion, collective brainstorming, sharing ideas, giving feedback on projects. And this was so so generative and not something we want to change. So this year we are reorganising the sessions to prioritise more collective writing experiences that allow us to write through various exquisite corpse methodologies and keep the focus on collaboration and exchange.

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Queer Futures Hits the Gym

Entry 003

“It’s January babes. So naturally we thought we would share some of our resolutions and determinations as we enter into what will ultimately be our year. 2022 brought trials and challenges, mostly trials, some personal but mainly legal, and it’s safe to say, we have all grown as individuals, criminals but mainly as a: family. Self-cloning has been such a humbling experience, because there are now literally two of me lol and honestly, this has crippled my ego in a huge way.    

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Hot Science Queers in a Lab 2023 

Entry 002

Queer futures had a little makeover over the holidays and we’re excited to uncloak this virtual vessel that can take us between all the past and future happenings of our community. Our website will be one constellation of a growing mesh that we are weaving globally through offline and online spaces as we continue to gather around Queer Futures.  

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Queer Futures 2023

Entry 001

We’re excited to launch Queer Futures Lab, a new iteration of the writing room, which feels much closer to what we’ve scratching at all year, ready to be launched in early 2023. Our monthly sessions will follow ︎the water cycle︎, each quarter being a new phase in this atemporal geological system. Each month will explore a new juxtaposition in relation to that phase through a

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